Hi you found me, welcome to my little corner of the blogosphere. You may be wondering who is Veronica Cid.  I am native Angeleno, born and raised in the city of Los Angeles.  Currently living in Orange County, CA.  Yeah that OC like the show, but I am definitely not an OC housewife.  I'm a 30 something Latina, lover of coffee, good food, shoes, shopping, travel, tech and photography.  I'm not married, but live with me boo. No kids yet, but working on it!

This blog is an extension of my "other blog" called Cid Style File.  I started blogging over 4 years ago about fashion, beauty and shopping.  I still blog over at CSF, but found my self wanting to share about more than just fashion.  My readers were not as receptive to my non fashion post, so thus veronicacid.com was born.  I actually started this blog about 2 years ago on another platform (WP) and didn't do much with it.   The time was not right and I wasn't ready to have a second blog.   Now I am ready and want to share with you about all those other things I love.  Expect the unexpected on this blog,  grab a cup of coffee and enjoy this blog with me.  I love to share all my experiences and finds with readers. I also love to hear from readers as well, so don't be shy and lets connect, this is "social media" after all.  Tweet me, Pin me and Instagram me.  I'm every where so you have no excuses!

You can now fine me on CidStyleFile.com.....email info@veronicacid.com for more details and business inquires. 

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