February 6, 2015

Not A Good Bye, But See You On Cid Style File

"You have taken on more than you can chew"  You know that saying, where you want to do it all and be great at it, but just don't have the time or energy to get it all done and do it right.  That is what has happened with this blog,  I had great ideas and high hopes for veronicacid.com. This blog is an extension to CidStyleFile.com, focusing more on lifestyle, such as food, travel, tech and everything else.   The reality is working a full time, leaves little to no time to keep up with one blog, let alone two.  What was I thinking?  I know sometimes as woman we think we have super powers since we already do so much, taking care of everything and everyone around us.  Let's face it sometimes we just have to give in and say "I can't do it all."  This is where I am with the blog, I can't keep up with 2 different blogs and maintain a consistent flow of posting and delivering good and decent content.  In the past few months I somewhat abandoned both blogs, dealing with personal matters, lacking inspiration, then the holidays came along and before you know it, months had gone by with no blogging.   I really do want to continue blogging and make it better for my self and the readers.  

I have decided to stop blogger here on veronicacid.com and dedicate my time and energy solely on Cid Style File.  I will continue blog about fashion, beauty and shopping like always, but will also add more lifestyle topics on CSF. Basically I am merging the 2 blogs into one,  and keeping the name Cid Style File.   CSF has been around for almost 6 yrs, while veronicacid.com only 2 yrs.  Obvious choice was to keep going with CSF, where I have created an audience and have dedicated more many years.   I hope you join me and continue to show me the love with my blog and head over to Cid Style File.    

Thank you for all the support you have shown me here and in all my online communities.   This is not a Goodbye and hope you don't forget me and come over to Cid Style File and continue the journey with me.  You can always find me online on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  I am dedicating my self to CSF and Instagram from now on and hope you come join me there.  :)