April 22, 2014

Lifestyle Bloggers National Conference 2014 & Swag Giveaway

So its been a few weeks since I attended the Lifestyle Bloggers National Conference on March 28-29, 2014, but haven't had time for a recap or post. Sometimes life does really get in the way of blogging...seems like spring time is a super busy season for blogging events.  In the past few months I have attended 4 blogger conferences and numerous other blogging related events. I am tired just thinking back at all the fabulous and fun stuff.  

I'll give you a quick little recap, of the conference and sharing a fun giveaway at the end.  The Lifestyle Bloggers National Conference is a small conference held in Los Angeles, which is organized by two local groups (Latina Lifestyle Bloggers Collective and SoCal Lady Bloggers).  This was my first time attending and I actually volunteered, as a member of the SoCal Lady Bloggers Network. My job assignment was social media correspondent...which basically meant tweeting during the conference.  This was only my second time taking over a twitter account for an event and being the "official" tweeter.  It was a fun and interesting experience, as you have to make sure you're using the correct hashtag and mentioning the proper people when quoting.  Tweeting for an official account is a whole different experience and can be challenging, but I survived!  LOL 

It was a good experience for me since I want to start working more in social media and managing accounts for others, whether its a small business or brand. (Putting it out there in the Universe...anyone listening!)  This conference gave me a taste of what it could be like to manage social media accounts on a professional level. I learned about sites like Hashtracking, which helps you manage and create reports from hashtags. I also used Twubs to monitor the tweets and reply and response to anyone using the official conference hashtags (#LALLBLOG14).  I surely have tons more to learn, but definitely got my feet wet during this conference and hope to be able to work more on social media management. 

Here are some highlights from the Lifestyle Bloggers National Conference

stumptown coffee, stonefire girll, daniel musto, ziba beauty, just fab, la mart, dtla
  • Morning Coffee by Stumptown Coffee Roasters - we were treated to ice brewed coffee each morning.  I am a coffee junkie and loved the iced coffee with milk.  Definitely one of the best things about the conference! 
  • Lunch by Stonefire Grill and Fresh Brothers Pizza - each day of conference we were treated to a delicious lunch by local restaurants. Let's just say my plates were over flowing on both days with the best, pizza, pasta and salads in town.
  • Ziba Beauty - During the afternoon break of day one, Ziba Beauty treated the bloggers to some beauty treatments of either henna tattoos or eye makeup. I chose the eye makeup, the ladies hooked me up with the most fabulous smokey eye and gave me some good tips on how to apply eyeliner. 
  • LA Mart - The conference was held at the LA Mart in Downtown LA. Although the area it self isn't the nicest, the LA Mart is fab. The LA Mart is a beautiful modern building which is home to showrooms of many lifestyle, home and design brands. 
  • Keynote Speaker: Daniel Musto - Daniel is a well know celebrity stylist, his speech was very inspiring and motivational. He was also very funny and friendly, making it entertaining to hear him speak. 
  • The Swag: At the end of the conference we were all treated to a sweet swag bag which consisted of a handbag from JustFab from Paulina Rubio's Collection and other various treats. 

I have a swag bag to share with one lucky reader.  I was given an extra bag to share and I will be conducting the giveaway here on the blog. Enter below to win a swag bag from the Lifestyle Bloggers National Conference. 

justfab, paulina rubio, ilaments, tcby, swag, bloggers conference
Swag Bag Includes
JustFab Purse from Paulina Rubio Collection
Where Women Create Business Magazine from Stampington & Co
The New Lean For Life Book by Cynthia Stamper Graff
TCBY Gift Card ($10)
Youtheory Revive Sustained Natural Energy Supplements
Mirada Beauty Mineral Clay Based Cleansing Mask
2 Sumita Beauty Eyeliners in Kala Black & Aruna Black 
Ilaments Dia De Los Muertos Hoop Earrings by Lisa Rocha 

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  1. To be completely honest, I am still searching for my favorite conference. I don't feel any have been as helpful on the topic of monetization as I expected them to be and as I'm not a newbie to blogging I am looking for inspiration on 'next level' blogging tips that most conferences are just falling short for me with. I know how hard it is to get back on schedule post conference, so kudos to you for getting this up so quickly!

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  2. I have never attended one but I cant wait to do one soon!

  3. I have never attended one, but I am looking forward to trying it soon :)

  4. I have attended only one.. I loved loved loved Bloggy Boot Camp Women Get Social.

  5. It was a really great conference...even if I was only able to attend for 1/2 a day. I learned a TON and I finally got to meet you in person! <3

  6. No I haven't. I just started blogging this year, so I would love to attend one. I think it would extremely helpful and very, very fun!