July 16, 2013

Crafty Diva In The Making

Let's get crafty shall we!  I am not really a crafty type person, but not because I can't craft.  Actually I like to think my crafting skills are pretty darn good.  Just don't do it much, due to time, money or space.  This past weekend my crafty diva made an appearance.  A couple of local bloggers put together an afternoon of crafts.  We had a lovely lunch from Green Tomato Grill and wine from Turning Leaf.  The wine totally got my crafty juices flowing.  After lunch it was time to craft. Three different craft stations were set up for the bloggers, a newspaper gift bag, wooden bead necklace and magazine gift box and other fun paper folding. 

I totally impressed myself with my skill level on these crafts. Totally thought my creations were going rival those of preschooler. Just proves anyone can be a crafter, you just have to give it a try.  I also enjoyed getting to chat and hang out with some other local bloggers.  It's always good to connect with other bloggers outside your niche.  We crafted, we ate and we laughed.  A good time was had and I am hungry for more crafting!!!   :)

I started off with the newspaper gift bag....easy and very cute. Great way to recycle your newspaper.  The ladies from Academy of Handmade hosted and guided this craft.  Learned about lots of cool techniques and washi tape was used to decorate the bag.  Check out my stripey polka dot gift bag!! 
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Next craft was the wooden bead necklace, Lisa the owner from The Makery where the event was held guided this craft.  I was most excited for this craft.  We used wooded ball beads and paint for our creations.  I was inspired by the blogs color scheme for my creation.  Totally want to make more and have one for all my outfits! 
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The third craft done used recycled magazine pages to create boxes, bows and cutest shirts.  A little Known Shop hosted this craft, and we also got to shop all their goods from other local crafters.  I hope to recreate these crafts with my nieces and share the crafty love!! 
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I might have a new hobby in the horizon, you have been warned.  More crafting coming soon to this blog.   Hey you know you like it!!   

So grateful to the bloggers who put this event together (Raised By Culture and Confessions of a Fat Girl) .  Thank ya ladies for your hard work and the awesome sponsors who helped make this happen!!! 

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