June 10, 2013

Techie Talk: Blogger Problems Mac or Windows?

Blogger problem #1: No computer or laptop to blog with...oh no!  Recently found out I will not have a laptop to work with, it's a long story.  I am going to need to purchase a new computer, and have been researching and debating what to get.  For the past 2 years I have been using an iMac and then a Macbook pro.  Before converting to Mac, I only used Windows computers.  I have been going back and forth trying to decide if I should continue to use a Mac or go back to Windows.

I was browsing the Apple website this morning, noticed the new iOS7 has been announce, along with new MacBook Air and Mac Pro.  Tough decisions to make, when it comes to choosing the right gear.  So whats a girl to do, continue with Apple, and just pay the price?  You know Apple products are not cheap!!!  Also when have you ever seen Mac discounted or on sale....NEVER!!  I can easily get a Windows laptop for about $300, which I can go buy today if needed.  Do I go with the pricier laptop which will have all the specifications I need?  Or do I get the cheaper laptop which will do for now, but may not have everything I need in hardware.  

MacBook Air 13-inch 128GB $1099


toshiba, laptop, 500gb, window, tech,
Toshiba 15.6" Laptop  500GB $279.99

Is this even a fair comparison?  Are we talking apples and oranges here? (get it apples...insert joke here)   Some will argue there is no comparison between a Mac and Windows computer.  While others will say they both have the same functions and essentially get you on the internet.  In reality isn't that what a blogger basic need are, to get online on blog!  So do I go with budget or function? Such a difficult choice, oh the troubles I have to deal with. LOL

So are you a Mac or Windows user?   Help me decided which direction to go, cause I am already starting to have blogging withdrawals at the thought of not having a computer for a few days!!!

Let me  hear your thoguths and help me decided.

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