June 7, 2013

How Do You Know Its Summertime!

Can you feel it, summer is right around the corner.  Although we get June gloom here in California, summer is practically here.  The weather is warming up, the kids are graduating from school.  Everywhere I go, all you see are sandals and shorts....its definitely summer time in California.  Starbucks is full with people ordering frappuccinos like they are going our of business.  Seriously what is it about summer time that makes people go wild. 

What ever it is, hope you have a great summer planned out.  Whether you have a fabulous vacation planned, or just hanging out with your friends at the beach.  Since I was a kid, summer time is always the season where the most memories were made.  Now that I am older things have changed slightly but summers are always filled with fun memories.  Currently I have no concrete plans for a vacation or anything more, just lots of summer block buster movies, BBQ, concerts, and possibly a trip to Vegas.   I am really looking forward to this summer as well, it will be first time living in a place with central A/C.  Ha,  sounds silly but I'm really excited about having A/C and not having to hang out at the mall when the weather gets too hot to handle. 

Cheers to summer days filled with sun and fun, long evenings with friends and family and making memories that will last forever! 

This is one of my favorite songs about summer, takes me back to high school where all you an think about is summer vacation. 

How are you spending your Summertime?

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