May 29, 2013

Cid Girls 24 Hour Disney Adventure

Since moving to Orange County about 7 months ago, I decided to explore and spend more time in my new town.  Well lucky for me one of the worlds biggest and best attractions is right in my back yard.  I literally live so close to Disneyland, we have a view of the fireworks every single night.  Taking advantage of living this close to the magic kingdom, I couldn't resist buying an annual pass. On May 24, 2013 Disneyland decided to have another 24 hour day, which opened at 6 am Friday and would close on 6 am Saturday.  The first ever Disney 24 day was back in February 29th for leap year.  I missed that day so made sure I didn't miss this one.  It was also a good excuse to hang out with my nieces, one who just came home from her first year of college.  Another niece is leaving in August for college.  So off we went to Disneyland, my 3 nieces and I for a full day of fun.   

Oh boy what did I get my self into!!  These girls of mine were determined to stay at the park as long as possible.  We hopped between both parks all day.  We started our day at Disney California Adventure, which wasn't as crowded as expected.  Several rides later we exited for some lunch.  Local tip avoid the high price and long lines inside either park and go out to eat in the Downtown Disney District.  They have several chain restaurants and other small cafes where you can eat and relax.  We ended up at one of my fave spots, Earl of Sandwich, you can get a really yummy sandwich, salad, wrap or soup with several choices of sides and desserts.  I highly recommend the brownie creme sandwich, its huge and good for sharing.  Oh did I forget to mention its delicious too.  Plus you won't spend an arm & leg for a sandwich and drink, all menu items are very reasonably priced. 
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After our yummy lunch at Earl of Sandwich, we headed over to Disneyland.  Now that place was really crowded and wait times for the big rides were 1.5-2 hrs.  Umm no thank you, since I have an annual pass, those rides were avoided.  We still managed to get on a few other rides and had a great time.  By night fall the park seemed to get busier and more crowded.  I think most people came late in the day to spend the entire night at Disneyland.   My nieces and I ended our wonderful day together watching the World of Color show at California Adventure.  It was all our first time experiencing this show.  Let me tell you it was an awesome experience.  The show is amazing, filled with colors, all your favorite Disney characters and music.  I think a few people left teary eyed from the magical show.  How do those Disney people come up with such wonderful entertainment?  I was in awe and left with a smile on my face.  Its a must see show if you go to California Adventure, but make sure to get a fast pass to ensure you get a spot.  They have 2 shows a night starting at 9:30pm.  I promise you will not be disappointed!  Over all the day was great and I really enjoyed spending time with my nieces.  It's a rare occasion the Cid girls all get together to have fun nowadays.  They are not those little cute girls I would baby sit and play with any more.  Any fun time I get to spend with them is wonderful and treasure the memories we created.

P.S. I only made it through about 12-13 hours of the 24 hour day. 

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May 26, 2013

It's A Whole New World

Let's start off by introducing ourselves. I will go first...hello my name is Veronica Cid and I'm a blogger. OK now its your turn, let me know who you are in the comments. So this is my new blog, well kinda sort of new. I have another blog called Cid Style File, where I have been blogging about fashion, beauty, style and shopping for the past 4 years. Now I am starting this here blog for other topics such as food, tech, travel, entertainment and blogging. Yup its gonna be a blast having two separate blogs! Right? I know you will all come and read this little blog of mine and we can be web friends. ;)

After a few years of blogging mainly about fashion related things, I decided there is more to me than fashion and shopping. Really there after a few years of wanting to start up another blog, its finally happening. Well I actually started this blog about two years on WordPress, but something just wasn't right. At the time I wanted to try out WP since all the cool bloggers were using it. HA! OK so I can be a little sarcastic in my humor, hope you don't mind. So back to my story, I started a second blog back in 2010, it was suppose to be mega where I would blog about everything and anything, taking over the blogging world. I was going be a blog super star!!! Yeah that didn't happen as planned, but that's cool I'm not bitter at all. So here I am, it's 2013, still blogging and now I am ready to be a blog super star. OK at least now I'm ready to start a second blog and share about all those other things I love. Hope you join me in this blog adventure and lets be web friends. Connet with me on, on my twitters @lbcshopper or on instagrams too! I will gladly follow you too, let me know who you are and where to find you. 

Thanks for coming, hope you return and join me in blogging life my way.