August 4, 2013

City Love: Anaheim, Orange County

A while ago I blogged about moving to Orange County, Anaheim to be exact.  I wrote about being new to the area and wanting to explore the city and county. After almost 8 months of living here, there are definitely a few favorite things I have come to enjoy.   Well the most obvious is Disneyland, not only am I close enough to really get my moneys worth from the annual pass.  I am also close enough to Disneyland and get a view of the nightly fireworks.  This can be a good and bad thing.  They are really loud and if your windows are open, it sounds like bombs going off. Unless its Fourth of July, then its super awesome. I had a view of the fireworks from both Disneyland and Angel Stadium, best show ever and didn't pay a dime!  There is plenty of places to explore in Anaheim from Downtown Disney, if you need your Disneyland fix with out actually going inside the park. We also have the Honda Center so I am never too far from a great concert.   The area where I am at is considered Downtown Anaheim.  We have a few indie shops and restaurants and recently a brand new cute park opened up. Its across the street from my building and its called Farmers Park.  I really like having the park so close and enjoy evening picnics on hot summer nights. We also have a ice skating rink in Downtown Anaheim, and I hear you can often see the Ducks Ice Hockey players practicing there. I have yet to spot any of them, cause I don't know a thing about ice hockey...LOL 

My favorite has been the weekly Farmers Market held every Thursday. Its literally right outside my door, and love going every week to discover new things. Since moving to Anaheim the Farmers Market has been a must every week. I spend my day there checking out the vendors and our course eating some yummy food. These are just a few of my favorite things about Anaheim, as I am still kinda new to the area and finding more new places to explore. Every day, week and month I am discovering more great things about this city and will be sharing more about The Big A! 

In the mean time take a look at this video I made from the Downtown Anaheim Farmers Market. Just a little glimpse at what I love about my city. 

What do you love about your city? 

July 28, 2013

Islands Burgers Summer Menu Tasting

I am totally a burger and fries type of gal. I don't eat them too often but when I do it better be a darn good burger. When I was invited to a tasting of the Islands Burgers summer menu, there was no hesitation on my part. The tasting event was put together by So Cal Lady Bloggers at Islands in Brea, CA. Islands has been a long time fave of mine, so yup I had to be there. 

We were welcomed in the patio area of the restaurant, which was perfect for a warm sunny So Cal day. I was quickly greet by the friendly staff and waitress who give me a drink. I mean like a real drink with alcohol! Not much of a drinker but hey I was there to try the new items so I had to drink. We had a choice of 2 different sangria (red & white) and 2 handcrafted beers. 

islands burges, cocktails, craft beer, wine, drinks, happy hour
I-Shandy and Ginger Berry Shandy handcrafted beers. Didn't try them since I was drinking the wine.
cocktails, drinks, happy hour, sangria, sunset, moonlight, white wine, red wine
Sunset Sangria (red wine) and Moonlight Sangria (white wine) both were good but prefer the white wine over red. If you love wine and sangria you must try these. 

To accompany our tasty drinks, we started off with some appetizers. Don't know about you, but drinking on an empty stomach is no bueno. Had to fill up on a little bit of food so I could enjoy the sangria.

poke tuna, wontons, appetizer, islands, lunch, avocados,
Poke Tuna served with fried wontons and avocado. This was my favorite seriously delish and perfect for hot summer days. 

hot wings, chicken wings, ranch dressings, appetizer, lunch, islands,
Buffalo Chicken Wings, with ranch and celery...tasty! 

spinach dip, artichoke dip, spinach and artichoke dip, cheese, appetizers, islands,
Spinach and Artichoke Dip, also very tasty. 

Then came the good stuff, burgers and fries. Islands has a new burger called the Heatwave with pepper jack cheese and Serrano chilies. If you love spicy food this burger is perfect for you. It was a good burger just too spicy for my taste. I ate more fries to help with the heat, definitely found out why its called the Heatwave. We also tried a salad from Islands called the Wiqui Wiqui BBQ Chicken Salad. It was all good and can always count a good meal at Islands.

If you live in California, Nevada or Arizona go give these burgers, appetizers and drinks a try. 

heatwave, burger, spicy, jalapenos, islands
Heatwave burger so spicy it will make you sweat! 

heatwave burger, fries, islands, endless refills, lunch, islands,
Love the fries at Islands, good thing you get endless refills of fries with every burger. 

bbq chicken salad, islands salad, lunch, wiqui wiqui,
If your not a burger person try the salads at Islands they are also so good and filling. 

Well I know by now reading this you are hungry and jealous you didn't get to try all this yummy food. No worries, you too can enjoy some delish Islands food. The awesome people at Islands in Brea gave me a gift card to share with my readers. Enter below to win a $25 gift card to any Islands Restaurant in CA, AZ or NV.

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*Disclaimer: I was invited to this menu tasting at Islands Burgers because I am member of the So Cal Lady Bloggers group.  I was not paid for this review but was given a gift card for my self and to giveaway on the blog.  All opinions expressed are my own. 

July 16, 2013

Crafty Diva In The Making

Let's get crafty shall we!  I am not really a crafty type person, but not because I can't craft.  Actually I like to think my crafting skills are pretty darn good.  Just don't do it much, due to time, money or space.  This past weekend my crafty diva made an appearance.  A couple of local bloggers put together an afternoon of crafts.  We had a lovely lunch from Green Tomato Grill and wine from Turning Leaf.  The wine totally got my crafty juices flowing.  After lunch it was time to craft. Three different craft stations were set up for the bloggers, a newspaper gift bag, wooden bead necklace and magazine gift box and other fun paper folding. 

I totally impressed myself with my skill level on these crafts. Totally thought my creations were going rival those of preschooler. Just proves anyone can be a crafter, you just have to give it a try.  I also enjoyed getting to chat and hang out with some other local bloggers.  It's always good to connect with other bloggers outside your niche.  We crafted, we ate and we laughed.  A good time was had and I am hungry for more crafting!!!   :)

I started off with the newspaper gift bag....easy and very cute. Great way to recycle your newspaper.  The ladies from Academy of Handmade hosted and guided this craft.  Learned about lots of cool techniques and washi tape was used to decorate the bag.  Check out my stripey polka dot gift bag!! 
crafts, crafty diva, paper bags, DIY, gift bag, newspaper bag,
Next craft was the wooden bead necklace, Lisa the owner from The Makery where the event was held guided this craft.  I was most excited for this craft.  We used wooded ball beads and paint for our creations.  I was inspired by the blogs color scheme for my creation.  Totally want to make more and have one for all my outfits! 
DIY, wood bead necklace, paint, the makery, crafty diva, crafts,

The third craft done used recycled magazine pages to create boxes, bows and cutest shirts.  A little Known Shop hosted this craft, and we also got to shop all their goods from other local crafters.  I hope to recreate these crafts with my nieces and share the crafty love!! 
magazine, paper folding, paper box, paper tshrit, DIY, crafts,
I might have a new hobby in the horizon, you have been warned.  More crafting coming soon to this blog.   Hey you know you like it!!   

So grateful to the bloggers who put this event together (Raised By Culture and Confessions of a Fat Girl) .  Thank ya ladies for your hard work and the awesome sponsors who helped make this happen!!! 

June 10, 2013

Techie Talk: Blogger Problems Mac or Windows?

Blogger problem #1: No computer or laptop to blog with...oh no!  Recently found out I will not have a laptop to work with, it's a long story.  I am going to need to purchase a new computer, and have been researching and debating what to get.  For the past 2 years I have been using an iMac and then a Macbook pro.  Before converting to Mac, I only used Windows computers.  I have been going back and forth trying to decide if I should continue to use a Mac or go back to Windows.

I was browsing the Apple website this morning, noticed the new iOS7 has been announce, along with new MacBook Air and Mac Pro.  Tough decisions to make, when it comes to choosing the right gear.  So whats a girl to do, continue with Apple, and just pay the price?  You know Apple products are not cheap!!!  Also when have you ever seen Mac discounted or on sale....NEVER!!  I can easily get a Windows laptop for about $300, which I can go buy today if needed.  Do I go with the pricier laptop which will have all the specifications I need?  Or do I get the cheaper laptop which will do for now, but may not have everything I need in hardware.  

MacBook Air 13-inch 128GB $1099


toshiba, laptop, 500gb, window, tech,
Toshiba 15.6" Laptop  500GB $279.99

Is this even a fair comparison?  Are we talking apples and oranges here? (get it apples...insert joke here)   Some will argue there is no comparison between a Mac and Windows computer.  While others will say they both have the same functions and essentially get you on the internet.  In reality isn't that what a blogger basic need are, to get online on blog!  So do I go with budget or function? Such a difficult choice, oh the troubles I have to deal with. LOL

So are you a Mac or Windows user?   Help me decided which direction to go, cause I am already starting to have blogging withdrawals at the thought of not having a computer for a few days!!!

Let me  hear your thoguths and help me decided.

June 7, 2013

How Do You Know Its Summertime!

Can you feel it, summer is right around the corner.  Although we get June gloom here in California, summer is practically here.  The weather is warming up, the kids are graduating from school.  Everywhere I go, all you see are sandals and shorts....its definitely summer time in California.  Starbucks is full with people ordering frappuccinos like they are going our of business.  Seriously what is it about summer time that makes people go wild. 

What ever it is, hope you have a great summer planned out.  Whether you have a fabulous vacation planned, or just hanging out with your friends at the beach.  Since I was a kid, summer time is always the season where the most memories were made.  Now that I am older things have changed slightly but summers are always filled with fun memories.  Currently I have no concrete plans for a vacation or anything more, just lots of summer block buster movies, BBQ, concerts, and possibly a trip to Vegas.   I am really looking forward to this summer as well, it will be first time living in a place with central A/C.  Ha,  sounds silly but I'm really excited about having A/C and not having to hang out at the mall when the weather gets too hot to handle. 

Cheers to summer days filled with sun and fun, long evenings with friends and family and making memories that will last forever! 

This is one of my favorite songs about summer, takes me back to high school where all you an think about is summer vacation. 

How are you spending your Summertime?

June 3, 2013

Chick-Fil-A New #FreshMade Salads

I love food, I love to eat! I'm guessing most of us love food right?  So when I have the opportunity to try some new dishes, in this case salads, I say yes!  Last week one of my blogger buddies, Raised By Culture hosted a salad tasting at a local Chick-fil-A.  She invited a few local blogger to taste the new salads from Chick-fil-A.  I am already a big fan of their chicken sandwiches and waffle fries and was excited to taste the new salads.

The tasting started with a tour of the the kitchen, and explanation of how all the food is prepared fresh daily.  I was very impressed with the kitchen set up at Chick-fil-A, it was my first time behind the scenes at any restaurant.  The kitchen was clean and very organized, with each area set up to prep individual menu items.

The new salad menu at Chick-fil-A consist of 3 new salads; the Asian Salad, Grilled Market Salad and Cobb Salad.   The owner who was very gracious, gave us samples of each new salad and explanation of the ingredients each salad came with.

The New Asian Salad comes with sliced hot nuggets, chopped romaine lettuce, baby greens, red cabbage, mandarin orange segments, honey Thai almonds, Chinese garlic & ginger wontons accompanied by the new Honey Sesame Dressing.   

I have always been a fan of Asian/Chinese type salads, this one didn't disappoint me.  The flavors were refreshing and tangy, with just a hint of sweetness from the mandarin oranges.  The almonds and wontons gave the salad a crunchy texture that I liked. The whole salad was complimented well with the honey sesame dressing.   Overall this was a favorite for me and will go back get this salad again. 

The next salad we tasted is the New Grilled Market Salad which comes with; sliced grilled chicken, chopped romaine lettuce, baby greens, red cabbage, carrots, fresh apples, strawberries, & blueberries, roasted nut blend, harvest nut granola, crumbled blue cheese with Zesty Apple Cider Vinaigrette.

That is a whole lot of stuff in a salad, and at first sight I wasn't sure if it looked good to me.  I don't mine fruit, in a salad, or nuts or blue cheese.  But not all at the same time!  Then you added blue cheese!  OK so since this was a tasting I went in to taste and not prejudge a salad by its ingredients.   I have to admit, this salad surprised me and was delightfully tasty.  It was not sweet at all, despite all the fruit and apple cider dressing.  The blue cheese gave it a tangy taste which compliments all the other ingredients very well.  I am no chef or gourmet foodie and can't really explain flavor profiles to you, but wow this salad is good!!  That much I can say, you should definitely go try it.
The last salad we tasted is the Cobb Salad which consisted of; sliced, hot nuggets, chopped romaine lettuce & baby greens, shredded red cabbage & carrots, roasted corn kernels. charred tomato & crispy red bell peppers, crumbled bacon, hard-boiled egg, shredded Monterey jack & cheddar cheeses, grape tomatoes mixed with Avocado Lime Ranch Dressing.  

This salad I was most excited to taste, since Cobb salad is one of my faves.  The interesting mix of ingredients also had me intrigued, like the charred tomato & crispy bell peppers and avocado lime ranch dressing.  OMG is probably the best to describe this salad, the dressing is awesome.  I love avocado and this dressing is so tasting, the lime gives it a kick of flavor.  The charred tomato & crispy red bell peppers are kinda hard to describe, since I had never heard of such a thing, but I can say they were good and gave the salad an unexpected taste and crunch.  YUM!   

All the salad were wonderful and really difficult to just pick one as my favorite.  I was very pleased with not only the selection of salads but with the quality of ingredients.  These new salads were just as good or dare I say even better than some sit down restaurant salads.  The portions sizes are big enough to make it a meal and satisfying to fill you up.  One thing I did learn from this visit to Chick-fil-A, when ordering a salad  you are getting a fresh salad which was made no more than 12 hrs prior.  You also have the choice to select any type of chicken, if you don't want the kind it is served with.  You can also select a different type of dressing, if you wish not to use the suggested dressing.  

Overall all 3 new salads at Chick-fil-A get 2 thumbs up from me.  The salads are very tasty and refreshing for a hot summer day or just any time you are craving a really good salad.    I also recommend the New Cool Chicken Grilled Wrap.  We did not sample this but during the kitchen tour we saw them being made and they looked so good I had to buy one.  I took the wrap home to eat, with the avocado lime ranch dressing.  My suspicions were right, the wrap was really good.  Oh by the way I think Chick-fil-A needs to bottle the avocado lime ranch dressing and sell it.  I can eat that with everything, not just salads.  

Now go try the new salads from Chich-fil-A and tell me what you think!  Enjoy!

*Disclosure: I was invited to taste the salads at Chick-fil-A and not being paid for this post.  This is my honest and personal opinion of the food.  I was given a gift card for being part of the tasting.

May 29, 2013

Cid Girls 24 Hour Disney Adventure

Since moving to Orange County about 7 months ago, I decided to explore and spend more time in my new town.  Well lucky for me one of the worlds biggest and best attractions is right in my back yard.  I literally live so close to Disneyland, we have a view of the fireworks every single night.  Taking advantage of living this close to the magic kingdom, I couldn't resist buying an annual pass. On May 24, 2013 Disneyland decided to have another 24 hour day, which opened at 6 am Friday and would close on 6 am Saturday.  The first ever Disney 24 day was back in February 29th for leap year.  I missed that day so made sure I didn't miss this one.  It was also a good excuse to hang out with my nieces, one who just came home from her first year of college.  Another niece is leaving in August for college.  So off we went to Disneyland, my 3 nieces and I for a full day of fun.   

Oh boy what did I get my self into!!  These girls of mine were determined to stay at the park as long as possible.  We hopped between both parks all day.  We started our day at Disney California Adventure, which wasn't as crowded as expected.  Several rides later we exited for some lunch.  Local tip avoid the high price and long lines inside either park and go out to eat in the Downtown Disney District.  They have several chain restaurants and other small cafes where you can eat and relax.  We ended up at one of my fave spots, Earl of Sandwich, you can get a really yummy sandwich, salad, wrap or soup with several choices of sides and desserts.  I highly recommend the brownie creme sandwich, its huge and good for sharing.  Oh did I forget to mention its delicious too.  Plus you won't spend an arm & leg for a sandwich and drink, all menu items are very reasonably priced. 
disneyland, monstrous summer, disney24, cid girls, jessie, goofy, mickey, california adventure, may 24, 2013,
After our yummy lunch at Earl of Sandwich, we headed over to Disneyland.  Now that place was really crowded and wait times for the big rides were 1.5-2 hrs.  Umm no thank you, since I have an annual pass, those rides were avoided.  We still managed to get on a few other rides and had a great time.  By night fall the park seemed to get busier and more crowded.  I think most people came late in the day to spend the entire night at Disneyland.   My nieces and I ended our wonderful day together watching the World of Color show at California Adventure.  It was all our first time experiencing this show.  Let me tell you it was an awesome experience.  The show is amazing, filled with colors, all your favorite Disney characters and music.  I think a few people left teary eyed from the magical show.  How do those Disney people come up with such wonderful entertainment?  I was in awe and left with a smile on my face.  Its a must see show if you go to California Adventure, but make sure to get a fast pass to ensure you get a spot.  They have 2 shows a night starting at 9:30pm.  I promise you will not be disappointed!  Over all the day was great and I really enjoyed spending time with my nieces.  It's a rare occasion the Cid girls all get together to have fun nowadays.  They are not those little cute girls I would baby sit and play with any more.  Any fun time I get to spend with them is wonderful and treasure the memories we created.

P.S. I only made it through about 12-13 hours of the 24 hour day. 

You can follow me on twitter and instagram for more on my #Disney24 day.  Also make sure to subscribe to my new blog and keep updated with all the latest from 

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May 26, 2013

It's A Whole New World

Let's start off by introducing ourselves. I will go first...hello my name is Veronica Cid and I'm a blogger. OK now its your turn, let me know who you are in the comments. So this is my new blog, well kinda sort of new. I have another blog called Cid Style File, where I have been blogging about fashion, beauty, style and shopping for the past 4 years. Now I am starting this here blog for other topics such as food, tech, travel, entertainment and blogging. Yup its gonna be a blast having two separate blogs! Right? I know you will all come and read this little blog of mine and we can be web friends. ;)

After a few years of blogging mainly about fashion related things, I decided there is more to me than fashion and shopping. Really there after a few years of wanting to start up another blog, its finally happening. Well I actually started this blog about two years on WordPress, but something just wasn't right. At the time I wanted to try out WP since all the cool bloggers were using it. HA! OK so I can be a little sarcastic in my humor, hope you don't mind. So back to my story, I started a second blog back in 2010, it was suppose to be mega where I would blog about everything and anything, taking over the blogging world. I was going be a blog super star!!! Yeah that didn't happen as planned, but that's cool I'm not bitter at all. So here I am, it's 2013, still blogging and now I am ready to be a blog super star. OK at least now I'm ready to start a second blog and share about all those other things I love. Hope you join me in this blog adventure and lets be web friends. Connet with me on, on my twitters @lbcshopper or on instagrams too! I will gladly follow you too, let me know who you are and where to find you. 

Thanks for coming, hope you return and join me in blogging life my way.